Upgrade to v4

What you need to know about upgrading your mango to v4.

August 6th, 2020

  • Be sure to remove any unsupported modules if you are planning to upgrade via the store.
  • Make a database backup first.
  • You are not guaranteed to be able to upgrade to 4.0.0 after a 4.0.0-beta.x upgrade (The Mango schema will be changing slightly)
  • Any Mango scripts that use a DAO via .instance will no longer work. Use Common.getBean(...) See here Mango Java Script
  • Data point permissions have changed, they now have an edit permission and the data source edit permission no longer gives you access to its data points. The upgrade will ensure all data source edit permissions are also on their points.
  • Edit permission of an object no longer gives you access to read it, you must explicitly have read permission.
  • To create an event detector on a data point you must have edit permission for that point.
  • To view a generated Excel Report one must either have generated the report or explicitly have read permission.
  • REST v1 and v2 are removed and we now have /rest/v3 The main changes are the permission models but some URLS have been cleaned up too so review any of your code that interfaces with our REST API. /rest/latest is now an alias for that will point to the latest REST version.
  • Maintenance event read permission requires you to have read access to all data points and sources referenced by the event configuration.
  • Maintenance event edit permission requires you to have edit access to all data points and sources referenced by the event configuration.
  • Startup extensions from Mango 3.x or before will no longer work, use the new start-options.sh script.
  • H2 databases will be dumped and re-imported to run on the H2 MV Store engine on upgrade.
  • The following modules are removed in Mango 4.0: dataImport, graphicalViews, jsonFileImport, loggingConsole, pointLinks, reports, scheduledEvents, sstGraphics, templateConfig , abeip, abpccc

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