Accessing the MangoGT

June 18th, 2020

Using an ethernet cable connect the MangoGT to a network that supports DHCP. Most small office routers are configured for DHCP by default. Do not connect the MangoGT directly to your computer. If DHCP is not available then see USB Utilities under Resources (inside).

Now that the ethernet cable is connected, go ahead and connect the MangoGT to the power source.

Accessing Mango for the first time

Once the power is turned on, you can access mango by going to http://mangogtXXXX.local where XXXX is your MangoGT's serial number. You can also scan your network and look for a device called mangoGTXXXX to find it's local IP address. You can use a free tool like for windows is good or Lan Scan for Mac.

The default password to log into Mango on the MangoGT is admin / admin

Check for Updates on the Modules Page

After loging in for the first time check for updates on the Modules page:

USB Config Utilities

The included USB Drive makes field configuration really easy without ever needing to log into the server. You can use the configuration files on the USB drive to easily set IP address and other configurations without ever logging into the device.

To use the USB tool:

  1. Plug USB into a computer
  2. See ReadMe.pdf for detailed instructions
  3. Edit the property files as needed
  4. Plug the USB drive into the MangoGT
  5. Three light will flash indicating the configuration has been successful.

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